We are the oldest independent lager microbrewery in the UK which is 15 years old this summer!


In 2005 Rick and Emma Keene decided to set up a  brewery (as you do)! Rather than compete with the 100s of ale microbreweries, they took the bold decision to brew lagers like the Germans and Belgians.


In true Cotswold fashion Rick met a farmer in the local pub and secured a five year lease on an old barn. He hunted down some second hand  brewing kit, lying in a field under a blanket of snow in Albany, NY State. The kit floated across the Atlantic in shipping containers which were unloaded by the farm tractor and brute force.


The last 15 years have seen some changes; the team has grown from just Rick and Emma, to a team of ten, many more shiny vessels have been plumbed in and deliveries are no longer made on the back seat of a Volvo.  We were fortunate enough 10 years ago to buy a little piece of the Cotswolds, College Farm, on the outskirts of Bourton on the Water, where we now brew.


Setting up a brewery on your own, with no outside investment is challenging and requires hard work, blood, sweat and tears but you can’t beat the feeling of pride and satisfaction every time you drink your own beer!

When we took the bold (some might even say foolish) leap into the unknown over 15 years ago, we decided to embrace our uniqueness and brew lager at a time when all the other microbreweries were all brewing ale.  As one of the first lager microbreweries in the UK our mission was to try and change the nation’s perception of this humble, often misrepresented brew. We were so dedicated to the cause that we concentrated on kegs, something unheard of all those years ago when everyone else was filling casks. Craft Beer wasn't even a concept back in 2005! 


We continue to champion lager and to increase awareness about the diversity of this style of beer, from brewing a 2.2% ABV lager to the Nutcracker Advent lager at 8.5% ABV which was long matured for a whopping 12 months, that's longer than the gestation period of a whale!  We have the largest range of lagers in the UK and are adding to them all the time. 




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